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Casey Brachvogel, CRNA

The Fun Stuff

I live in Boston with the love of my life, Jacqui, and our dog Mia Wallace. I spend a lot of free time looking for my work supplies that Jacqui has returned to their “proper” place. When I’m not questioning my sanity, I am actively training my dog to become an astronaut. To pay the bills, I work as a staff anesthetist in a major academic institution in downtown Boston. The school affiliation rhymes with Smahvard.

The Serious Stuff

I got my start working in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit of Jackson Memorial Hospital. The University of Miami teaching hospital is a world-renowned adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma center, and the Nation’s Only Surgical Training Facility For The U.S. Army. I Followed my SICU education up with an intensive graduate program that focused on anesthesiology. After my graduation, I landed in Boston, and have been here the last 7 years. I continue to work full time as an anesthetist, but have decided to devote my free time to something that I love: helping people battle back from depression and chronic pain. In my last semester of graduate school, my brother, who suffered from a chronic pain injury, completed suicide. He had Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, an extremely painful condition that is very difficult to treat. In 2012, the only treatment we knew about for CRPS was a 2 week continuous ketamine infusion that was only being performed in Europe. That was the year he died.  In 2013, ketamine clinics started popping up in the United States. Staying on top of the medical literature, I have seen ketamine, as a treatment for depression and chronic pain, become extremely useful. It has a really high success rate for treating patients that aren’t responsive to other treatments. That is why I think it is special. And why I want to try and help people who aren’t finding help anywhere else.
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